A9 - Element Shirt

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A9 - Element Shirt

A9 - Element Shirt

Regular price $99.49 USD
Regular price $299.00 USD Sale price $99.49 USD
ColorManatee Grey
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Made in the USA.
Berry Amendment Compliant.

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A9 - Element Shirt
Regular price $99.49 USD
Regular price $299.00 USD Sale price $99.49 USD
The Element Shirt is designed for active use in environments ranging from dry arid to wet temperate. Built with a four-way stretch Tweave® Durastrech®, this shirt is durable, flexible, wind-resistant, and sheds water. Wear the Element Shirt for durability while moving through changing environmental conditions. It’s quick dry times and water-resistant construction makes it ideal for navigating maritime environments.

Customer Reviews

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A bit baggy in the arms. Solid construction.

Luu Tuan Linh Dang
Great shirt

The material is super cool to wear and provided a soft shell in a light rain day.


Love it want all the colors good for  blue-collar workers

nick cannella @ mako mold co.
A9 - Element Shirt

I've been itching to try some of these clothes from Beyond clothing for a very long time. just recently I had the opportunity to pull the trigger on some of the pieces and wow I'm kind of upset that I waited so long. The clothing from this company is built to last. just Top Notch gear through and through. The shirt is true to fit and water rolls right off it as intended. I will have to say the shirt was my first purchase about 2 weeks ago, since then I've made 3 more purchases.

Amazing Value Shirt

I've only had a few hours behind this shirt at a little below freezing with a single midweight merino base. It worked great in the cold assuming I didn't sit still. It was comfortable but it's clear the sleeves are meant for someone with more muscle mass than I, so it was slightly baggy in the arms. Putting a patch on the left arm would frequently snag against my sling, but that's not a fault of the shirt, just more of a note if you frequently swim out of your sling or switch shoulders as a right-handed shooter. The two openable vents in the upper arms are really nice when you're just a little bit warmer than you'd like. I bought this on Outlet (I have never seen it NOT on Outlet) and it is most definitely worth the sale price, easily.