Our Global Responsibility Initiatives

Beyond is firmly dedicated to connecting you with the world’s wildest places and in preserving those places and the ecosystems they foster. We firmly believe that spending time in the great outdoors improves your health, and that the only way it can continue to do so is by staying healthy itself.



Sustainable Production Practices

The world’s wild places continually suffer from damaging, wasteful practices in how things are produced and consumed. Irresponsible production and the mindset of a throw-away society make it ever more difficult to sustain the great outdoors. Here’s what we’re doing to help.

Eco-Friendly Production

Our ecological efforts don’t mean much if we don’t account for our own production. We’re switching to Primaloft BIO™ insulation, the world’s first biodegradable*, 100% recycled synthetic insulation. We’re upgrading to bluesign®-certified textiles, verified for ecological safety at every step of manufacturing. And we’re working hard to ensure our fabrics receive STANDARD 100 certification by OEKO-TEX®, meaning they’ve been confirmed as free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be a risk to human health.

Everlasting Products

It’s all too easy to simply throw something away once wear begins to show, which means growing landfills and wasted materials. The gear made at Beyond is treated to help it last longer. We’re also introducing adventure-purposed gloves crafted from quality leather and maintained with a beeswax-based balm. By moving toward everlasting products, we’re working to break the cycle of disposable gear and needless waste.

Beyond Pollinator Program

Come see what the buzz is about

It’s hard to fix a problem you don’t know about. So we’re jump-starting the conversation: in partnership with The Best Bee Company, we are kicking off a new pollinator program with the aim of supporting and promoting pollinator health and biodiversity for over 50,000 bees at the Trading Post. Just outside the hive, we have partnered with the Seattle office of Sustainability and Environment and Dirt Corps to provide a garden full of bee-friendly flowers. Come visit Beyond HQ to learn more about bees firsthand, and bring a friend!

Pollinator Partnerships

Beyond Clothing is dedicated to preserving the world's wildest places. By partnering with The Best Bees Company, we are able to fuel research dedicated to developing cutting-edge and resourceful ways of ensuring reliable bee health, working towards global food security, and creating a balanced ecosystem.