Our Global Responsibility Initiatives

Beyond is firmly dedicated to connecting you with the world’s wildest places and in preserving those places and the ecosystems they foster. We firmly believe that spending time in the great outdoors improves your health, and that the only way it can continue to do so is by staying healthy itself.




Beyond Pollinator Program

The Beyond Pollinator Program™

The world’s pollinators are dwindling in number and diversity. Pollinators are critical for supporting ecological health, biodiversity in nature, and the food we eat. Beyond is committed to supporting the wild’s unsung heroes, especially the most prolific of all pollinators, the bee. Here’s what we’re doing, and how you can help.

Observation Hive

It’s hard to fix a problem you don’t know about. So we’re jump-starting the conversation: we’ve installed an observation beehive of over 60,000 bees at the Acropolis, leading to an adjacent outdoor garden full of bee-friendly flowers. Come visit Beyond HQ to learn more about bees firsthand, and bring a friend!

Seed Paper

Bees need diverse pollination options, but pickings are getting slim. Monoculture, the practice of cultivating a single crop, is part of the problem: bees are often leased to pollinate those crops, and access to only one plant narrows their nutrition and exposes them to dangerous pesticides.

Want to help? Plant and water our order inserts and hang tags. They’re crafted from lavender/poppy seed paper, which provides one of the bees’ favorite flowers for pollinating.

Pollinator Partnerships

If you’d like to learn who we’re working with and where you can lend additional support: Beyond is registered with the Seola Bee Company, the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association, and the American Beekeeping Federation. We’ll be learning from their expertise and supporting their initiatives, and you can too.

Sustainable Production Practices

The world’s wild places continually suffer from damaging, wasteful practices in how things are produced and consumed. Irresponsible production and the mindset of a throw-away society make it ever more difficult to sustain the great outdoors. Here’s what we’re doing to help.

Out-of-the-Box Experience:
Compostable, Recyclable Packaging

Trash-packed landfills consume land and diminish reuse. Beyond is committed to reducing waste and promoting reusability, and so all of the packaging in your order is compostable, recyclable and/or crafted from post-consumer content. Please join us in disposing responsibly.

  1. Envelope Seal Stickers - Biodegradable
  2. Printed Envelopes - 100% Post Consumer Recycled Material, Soy Ink Printed
  3. Tissue Paper - Recyclable
  4. Stickers - Biodegradable
  1. Polybags 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Poly* (New for 2020 Products)
  2. Packing Slip - Recyclable
  3. Seed Paper Card - Plantable, Biodegradable, Soy Ink Printed

Everlasting Products

It’s all too easy to simply throw something away once wear begins to show, which means growing landfills and wasted materials. The gear made at Beyond is treated to help it last longer. We’re also introducing adventure-purposed gloves crafted from quality leather and maintained with a beeswax-based balm. By moving toward everlasting products, we’re working to break the cycle of disposable gear and needless waste.

Eco-Friendly Production

Our ecological efforts don’t mean much if we don’t account for our own production. We’re switching to Primaloft BIO™ insulation, the world’s first biodegradable*, 100% recycled synthetic insulation. We’re upgrading to bluesign®-certified textiles, verified for ecological safety at every step of manufacturing. And we’re working hard to ensure our fabrics receive STANDARD 100 certification by OEKO-TEX®, meaning they’ve been confirmed as free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be a risk to human health.


Not everyone is as well-equipped to defend or stand up for themselves. Beyond is proud to partner with proven organizations committed to the help, preservation, and betterment of those who need it.

Biodiversity is a vital component to sustaining the world’s wild places; the loss of a species is devastating to the intricate balance of an ecosystem. Beyond is partnered with the Endangered Species Protection Agency (ESPA) in defending vulnerable species and helping them flourish anew.

Transition from service to civilian life can be filled with challenges, and so we’re proud to join forces with the Seattle Stand Down. Put on by Veterans and 100% volunteer run, the Seattle Stand Down works to prevent and eliminate homelessness among Veterans and their families, engaging these at-risk communities in meaningful and therapeutic activities with other Veterans to "give them a hand up, not a hand out" through peer support.

A lack of inclusivity and diversity in the workplace is the detriment of everyone; opportunities must be made broadly available, and new perspectives are to be valued as the important resource they are. We’re partnered with Camber Outdoors in supporting workplace inclusion, equity, and diversity in the active-outdoor industries.

We do not tolerate hate, abuse, or violence, which is why we’re proud to be enrolled in the Seattle Safe Space program. To any members of the LGBTQIA+ community: Beyond’s door is always to open to you if your safety is at risk.

Every child should receive an education. Beyond joins the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) in fundraising for the children of fallen or severely combat-wounded and hospitalized special operators, ensuring our nation’s youth receive the opportunities they deserve.