Aptus Hybrid Softshell L5 Jacket

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Aptus Hybrid Softshell L5 Jacket

Aptus Hybrid Softshell L5 Jacket

Regular price $225.00 USD
Regular price $225.00 USD Sale price $225.00 USD
ColorUS 1928 Rescue Red
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Aptus Hybrid Softshell L5 Jacket
Regular price $225.00 USD
Regular price $225.00 USD Sale price $225.00 USD

    Durable outer shell that provides mobility-enhancing stretch.


    Double-knit fleece uses a circular grid pattern to channel moisture up and out more effectively for evaporation.


    Clear outer shell coating softens hand feel, and a DWR finish provides weather-resistant protection.


    Stretchy, adjustable, and designed to go over climbing helmets, the hood ensures versatile fitting options when you need extra insulation and weather protection.

The Kyros edition of the A5 - Stretch Alpha Sweater, the Aptus Hybrid Softshell L5 Jacket delivers the best of both worlds by combining light, stretchy, and comfy construction with long-lasting durability and heat-packing insulation. Dynamic three-layer construction wicks up moisture and transports it out while hanging onto warmth, and the wind- and water-resistant softshell pairs with an insulated, adjustable hood to ward off nasty weather.


Double-knit Verso Weave™ fleece provides a blanket-soft feel and uses a circular grid pattern to create air channels, keeping you dry by funneling sweat up to the second layer.


Polartec® Alpha® Insulation takes the hot sweat sent up from the first layer and then hangs onto the heat to keep you toasty while kicking the moisture up to the third layer.


The third and outermost layer uses a durable water repellent (DWR) finish to seal out freshly shed sweat and light rainfall, and features a durable softshell design with 4-way stretch to ward off winds and keep you mobile.

Customer Reviews

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Almost Perfect!

I'm 6'2", weigh about 170, and wear 32x36 pants. With my long arms and legs it can be difficult to find things that fit, especially in technical clothing. Most manufacturers stick to only making standard "Small, Medium, Large" sizing, which only properly fits a small portion of the population. I took a chance and bought this jacket hoping it would fit and work for my needs. To say I am impressed is an understatement! The fit is pretty perfect, though some may find it a bit snug for wearing any under layers and want to size up. I like that it is more snug than a normal jacket because I wear a plate carrier on top of it. With a grid fleece as a mid-layer it is plenty warm enough for active wear in below freezing temperatures. I only wish they made it in more colors like multicam arid or MARPAT desert!

Love it

Camo looks great. Large fits my Med-reg frame perfectly, loose enough for thin under layer (think fleece). Stretches enough for easy movement. Does a great job cutting the wind (last week has been single digits with 20mph winds). My first Beyond purchase, not my last.


K5 is very excellent clothing

Fleece lined winter jacket with hood

It has a wide hood that can accommodate other hoods below it, although it was designed for helmets. It is slightly more compact than the Testa Softshell 5 jacket. I can fold the aptus up quite well and stick it into my tenzing pack. The side pockets have a deeper well, so things won't fall out sideways as easily. It has the heart outside pocket, which is great.

The winter camo finish looks very nice.

The fleece lining reminds me of how honey comb blankets are, except instead of trapping heat in the pockets, the circles allows heat to transfer between the layers. I wore it over a L3 lochi reversible. I am 5 8 ish, 170-185 lb, with thin bone structures. The L3 lochi fits with an M, barely, around the shoulders, and somewhat tight on the lower back and belly. The Aptus I got was L sized, so easily fits over the L3. I felt no mobility constriction as a martial artist and massage worker, except at the elbows which prevented full contraction via the biceps.

It is slightly heavier than the L3 Lochie, about the same weight as the Testa Softshell, but is less bulky than the Testa Softshell 5 due to the compactness. Temperatures in GA now a days is 29 low 50 high, and it felt great during the evening and morning. During noon, unzipping both layers to mid solar plexus works to ventilate. I don't wear the Aptus as the second layer only, especially since my first layer is a summer shirt, since it doesn't trap the heat next to the body. It works better as an outer third or 4th layer.

I've bought a few pieces of Beyond's clothing line and they are quite well designed. Even the sleeve pockets have a use, although perhaps not the way they intended it. I put crystals and potential armor into the pockets. Anti cut gloves can be stashed there, to be used later, or even just to protect your bicep in a martial conflict. Cloth armor was often used as a base layer back in the ancient days.

Alex C
Love this jacket

This jacket is surprisingly warm, even in sub freezing temperatures. Also great to layer with and has been my daily in northern CO. I ordered a medium and the cut is very athletic, but fits very well.