Stretch Alpha L5 Jacket

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Stretch Alpha L5 Jacket

Stretch Alpha L5 Jacket

Regular price $330.00 USD
Regular price $330.00 USD Sale price $330.00 USD
ColorNavy Ranger Green Manatee Grey
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Made in the USA.
Berry Amendment Compliant.

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Stretch Alpha L5 Jacket
Regular price $330.00 USD
Regular price $330.00 USD Sale price $330.00 USD
The Stretch Alpha L5 Jacket is one of the most versatile jackets that Beyond Clothing offers. Proudly made in the USA, the L5 Jacket delivers 3 technical performance layers that all support moisture management. Including a water repellent and durable Tweave® nylon softshell, thermal regulating Polartec® Alpha® insulation, and a moisture wicking inner fleece lining. The Stretch Alpha Jacket will keep you protected from the cold and wet during activities such as hiking, backpacking, camping and more.


The inner fabric made of Polartec® Power Grid® Fleece provides moisture wicking properties to keep you dry while engaging in activities that generate body perspiration.


Polartec® Alpha® Insulation makes up the middle layer which continues to support moisture transport to the outermost layer while providing breathable warmth that will help regulate a comfortable body temperature.


The outer most layer is a softshell fabric made of Tweave® Durastretch® Nylon which has quick drying properties and is treated with DWR coating that supports protection from light rain.

Customer Reviews

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Surprisingly trim fit

This is a midlayer so it's a perfect fit over a single base layer - you won't be able to have any more underneath.

Rob Clark
Stretch Alpha L5 Jacket

Purchased this during summer months so haven’t really had a chance to put it through any rigors as of yet. However the build quality seems very good as it should be it’s made in the USA!

David K
Good jacket but what is up with Beyond's sizing?

This is a quality jacket but, like most other garments, despite using the sizing guide I have to send several items back and re-order to get the correct size. I am 5'10" and 180lb, 41" chest. Large on this jacket (per the size guide) is huuuge on me, not how I want it to fit. Medium fits well everywhere except the waist which is pretty tight (and I'm not fat). I'm keeping it as it is a great jacket and hoping the waist stretches out over time. Minus 1 star for all the sizing issues across the whole product line. Otherwise a very high quality jacket with premium materials.

Hey David,

Thanks so much for your review. We are currently updating our size and fit guides for all of our items to provide greater clarity on fit.

Also, all of our new items going forward will have additional sizing information on the product details page.

Thanks for the great reply

Beyond Customer Service

Designing needs some serious reconsiderations

I bought this as a potential replacement for my arcteryx atom LT which served me well through the years, mostly looking for something new. Off the bat the materials are a bit heavier but the shell is much stronger and less worrying to wear and tear. The zippers are good and have enough resistance without unzipping on its own weight or slight brushing.

My main gripe is certain material choices and lack of certain features. The Stretch Alpha L5 uses a very soft loose knit mesh on the inside of the front pockets which is prone to snagging onto items like keys, and potentially holes poking through and ruining the mesh with a gaping hole. This is the case with their Makers L5 pants but at least this jacket still has the liner to prevent things from falling completely out , but nonetheless the soft mesh is a poor choice of material to use in any pocket. Mesh isn’t a bad idea but the soft loose knit mesh is far from ideal here.
Secondly the cuffs are oversized and don’t have any stretch material really worth mentioning. Normally a somewhat snug fitting cuff would be expected but the cuffs on this jacket is wide and thus the sleeve goes past the wrist. Because of the oversized cuffs and lack of elastic band around the cuffs, the jacket is prone to letting things run up the sleeve but you also can’t slide the sleeves up your forearm to without risking it falling back down. Why Beyond designed the jacket this way is indeed ‘beyond’ me.

The depth of the hood is adjustable with a toggle on the back of the hood. My issue with the arcteryx atom LT is the toggle on the direct back of the head which can get uncomfortable when you’re resting your head lying down or on a headrest, but Beyond takes this up a notch on this jacket and uses a much larger toggle.

The hem of the jacket is the same deal with the cuffs. It does not really stretch out and especially does not have any toggle adjustments, so those with extra girth around the waist should probably avoid this jacket.

I bought this jacket on sale for what is essentially a steal, however if I bought this jacket at or close to the $330 retail price then I would be very disappointed because of these design flaws for the high US Made price it goes for. Frankly the atom LT beats out this jacket in most aspects such as weight, packability, elastic material around the cuffs, adjustable hem, smaller hood toggle, and no use of mesh in pockets.
What I hope Beyond does is take these concerns and redesign this jacket with design and material improvements. Perhaps all of their L5 products since there are striking similarities in design problems across at least three products I own from that line. This is a very nice and warm jacket but all previous points considered it’s not enough to make me retire the arcteryx atom LT just yet.

Thanks for the detailed review. I will be sure to forward your feedback to our design team. Thanks for being a valued Beyond Customer!

- Beyond Customer Service Team

Mickey Bitzinger
Stretch alpha jacket

The jacket is awesome! Very warm and comfortable with the polartec fleece, quality/cut is fantastic having lots pockets with lot's room for stuff, and overall is worth the money.