A5 - Rig Light Jacket

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A5 - Rig Light Jacket

A5 - Rig Light Jacket

Regular price $129.49 USD
Regular price $429.00 USD Sale price $129.49 USD
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A5 - Rig Light Jacket
Regular price $129.49 USD
Regular price $429.00 USD Sale price $129.49 USD
The A5 Rig Light Jacket, a lightweight alternative to our standard Rig Jacket, is designed for active use in warmer weather. The durable 4-way stretch nylon shell protects you from the wind and rain, while remaining breathable for moisture transport. Wear the A5 Rig Light Jacket if you need lightweight durability for active use in warmer climates.

Customer Reviews

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kylinyanwei YanWei
Great Jacket!

Just got it,couldn’t wait to try it on.and it fits me quite well!Ive been interested in it for half a year. I bought it when it was on deal.I’m REALLY satisfied with it.Geat Jacket!Really looking forward to try other BEYOND products!

Eric Singer
Top O’ The Charts

Great jacket. Has earned a permanent spot in the rotation. If you’re a “jeans and t-shirt” type guy, this is for you. Your pizza. This jacket is pepperoni. You’re great without it, but with it….your even better.
6’2”, 220, wide shoulders….xl long works for me.

Kurt Kearney

I've been searching on/off for the right jacket for the last few years. I stumbled upon Beyond one night and was like, well hello where have you been. I bought 3 jackets (2 different styles and sizes, A5 and Axios) with the thought of keeping the one that fit the best. I decided to keep them all I liked them that much. I'm 6'5" and 213lbs with an athletic build. All 3 I kept were XL Tall. Again fit is perfect. Beyond checks all the boxes, American company, products made in the USA, quality, style, etc. Not sure how they improve their online awareness so others can find them as well, but I'll do what I can to spread the word.

Julian B.
Dont wana stop wearing it

First of all Made in the US which is a plus. I took a shot at this light jacket and I already love it. It fits nicely even when layering other clothing underneath including other brands lvl,lvl2 type baselayers. Of course it wont keep you dry in heavy rain but it gets the job done in drizzles and I actually prefer it over having to wear my larger/bulky jackets when doing simple going to a place and dont want to get wet from my car to the activities. Especially if you live in a hot/humid area it won't be overkill in the golf coast. If it's windy you'll feel it,but again this is not the role for this jacket layer up. The material is stretchy (fits my gut) and hugs you nicely, already got compliments too. The pockets are good,I can shove my phone, keys, and wallet and still have space in each pocket. The armpits are also designed so it won't hinder mobility which is great, I have many jackets that fit the chest only to be stopped by the armpit area. Construction is awesome and well made. I dislocated my pocket zipper running after my dog and was suprised there was minimal issues afterward I did have to jerry rig the zipper back into place but that shit looks almost as good as new.

Robert Morphis
Solid, a bit snug.

I gave it 4 stars, not perfect, but I like it, it is a solid bit of kit.
I am 6'3", 188 lbs.
I normally wear a large tall, I ordered a large long.
Sleeves and body are a good length.
It is close fitting (more on that later).
When I reach forward with both of my arms the ends of the sleeves do not pull back.
When I reach up the bottom comes up to 4" or so below my belly button.
* I am neither muscular nor fat, I just tried it on over a long sleeve t-shirt and a 250? wt fleece jacket and the Rig Light Jacket was binding around my arms.
I can wear it comfortably over two close fitting base layers and a close fitting fairly heavy shirt. I can feel the jacket but it is not uncomfortable.
* I am not generally a big fan of hoods that tuck into collars but I think the Rig Light design is pretty good. I can't tell if it is entirely waterproof, but it is certainly water resistant. I used it on a couple of chilly and windy days and found it very useful. And easy to roll back up into the collar.
OTOH, the hood cord is about 6" longer than it needs to be on both sides. This is a design decision I just don't understand. It requires just a bit of care to ensure the cord ends don't flop out when you put jacket on, but I don't understand why it is necessary / how it would be useful.
* The pockets are all well sized, they hold a fair bit, and all parts of them are easily reachable. The chest and hand pockets are made with mesh so putting anything in that might snag needs to be done with caution. The arm pockets do not have mesh in them.