Top 6 Expedition Spots For 2020

Top 6 Expedition Spots For 2020

2019 may be over, but we’re already busy thinking about adventures for 2020. Here are our top 6 expedition recommendations for anyone looking to make next year a little more lively.


The 49th state offers plenty for an aspiring adventurer. Try out the north’s classic commute with dog mushing lessons, or go a little more low key with a warm wooden hut over a frosty ice fishing hole. And for the truly spectacular side of nature, it’s hard to beat the aurora borealis.


Nepal is rightfully famous for the majestic Himalayan peaks, and if you’ve got a mountaineering itch to scratch you’ll certainly be all set. But you’ll also forests dense with moss, rhododendrons, and gorgeous birds. Sub-tropical grasslands and valleys give way suddenly to icy waterfalls, and rhinos, dolphins, pandas, and tigers all share this diverse country.


“Rugged” is the word that comes to mind most often when describing Greenland. The peaks and shores seem stacked together from roughly hewn boulders, and mighty icebergs dominate the iconic fjords. Hikes aplenty and whale-watching boat trips will bring you into contact with some of the most stunning vistas and natural wonders around.


Perfect for new and experienced hikers alike. Bhutan boasts rich green hills and vibrant forests beneath sweeping panoramas of the Himalayan range along the Tibetan border. Yak herding encampments and glacial lakes present excellent photo opportunities, topped only by the breathtaking cliffside Taktsang Monastery.

The Alps

If you’re planning a trip to Europe and you can’t decide between France, Switzerland, and Italy, you’re in luck: the Tour du Mont Blanc route through the Alps will take you through all three. Lush valleys, clear Alpine lakes, and mountain villages will ensure your sojourn is anything but more of the same. And if you’re so inclined, you may find good reason to pack your skis.


Just about as primal as it gets. The last entire continent to be discovered and the only one without any permanent human residents, Antarctica is home to shimmering glaciers, beautiful, frigid waters, and remarkable wildlife. Prowling leopard seals, rookeries of penguins, and pods of humpback and Minke whales can all be found here by those with the right guide, sharp eyes, and enough patience (a ready camera isn’t a bad idea either).

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