A2 - Krios Pullover

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A2 - Krios Pullover

A2 - Krios Pullover

Regular price $134.00 USD
Regular price $119.00 USD Sale price $134.00 USD
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Made in the USA.
Berry Amendment Compliant.

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A2 - Krios Pullover
Regular price $134.00 USD
Regular price $119.00 USD Sale price $134.00 USD
The A2 Krios Pullover is designed to retain warmth and wick moisture during active use. This piece is built from Polartec® Power Grid™ Hi-warmth Fleece. The interior grid pattern creates air channels that release excess body heat, increase compressibility, and decrease garment weight. The smooth exterior allows moisture to disperse and evaporate quickly. Layer the A2 Pullover over the A1 or as a next-to-skin for moisture management during active use.

Customer Reviews

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Kyle Thomas
Excellent Base-Layer

Awesome base-layer. Very warm and I love that it’s made in the US. 100% recommend!!!!

Very Warm. Great

Great. There's reason I have three of them.

Superb mid weight layering

Beyond is world renowned for their immaculate finishing of cutting edge products. The Krios is no exception and has quickly become the choice in our group of meat eaters for Summer Alpine operations. Much more durable than wool and just as adept at shedding moisture without the stretching.

Gabriel Da Cunha Rego

Awesome stuff

CMD. Edward Blake
Great L2 layer, dubious fabric

Took it out of the bag, saw the fabric, and put it back. Unfortunately, considering how long it takes care packages to arrive here the return window is long gone. Like everything I have from Beyond, this is expertly designed and stitched in USA. The problem is completely with Polartec and their fabric. It is tissue thin between the grid insulation, so I have serious concerns about the long term durability of the fabric. Also, this is virgin unrecycled polyester. If you live in an area that bans or is considering bans/restrictions on polyester effluent in laundry wastewater, this isn’t for you. I’ll gift this to someone who isn’t concerned about such things. Would be nice if this was wool or a wool blend instead. Beyond gets 5/5 stars, Polartec 0/5. I shouldn’t have to trade pollution for staying warm.