Pride In: Safety, Health, Going Beyond, & You

Pride In: Safety, Health, Going Beyond, & You

Our focus as outfitters, first and foremost, is your wellbeing. To provide you what’s needed in order to safely access wild places and the unique healing benefits they offer. Now, we occupy a fairly specific lane in the grand scheme of things, but everything we do at BEYOND serves those two values: safety and health.

We take those values seriously, which is why we’re proud to affirm the Acropolis as a Safe Place for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. To anyone and everyone who needs shelter from hate, abuse, and violence: BEYOND’s door is always open to you. The Acropolis may be only one building, one open door, one place of shelter. But we’re proud to provide one more door than there otherwise would’ve been. And in light of how challenges to personal safety, dignity, and health for trans, gay, lesbian, and other members of the community have been continually underscored—this year in particular—we want to assure you where we stand, and who we stand with.

We wish you a safe Pride month and, as always, the wildest of places to adventure. We’ll leave you with a statement from the BEYOND crewmember who organized our entry into the Safe Place program:

“As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, we want other members to know that BEYOND’s doors are open to them. Not only in their time of need, but every single day of the year. That’s why we enrolled BEYOND in the ‘Safe Place’ program. Along with the Safe Place sticker that resides on the front of our building—letting folks know that if they’re in trouble, or are experiencing harassment or a hate crime, BEYOND will keep them safe until help can arrive—year round we fly the LGBTQIA+ flag.”

—Jordan Pavlovich, Associate Supply Chain & Facilities Manager

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