Beyond Backstory: The K5 - (Charlotte) Corday

Beyond Backstory: The K5 - (Charlotte) Corday

The K5 - Women’s Corday Jacket takes its name from Marie-Anne Charlotte de Corday d'Armont, more commonly known simply as Charlotte Corday. Charlotte’s place in history comes from the French Revolution. She’s most recognized for the act of killing leading pundit Jean-Paul Marat while he was in the bathtub for inciting violence and radicalizing the movement.

Charlotte completely shook up the public perception of what a woman was capable of, and stood by her actions and the beliefs that motivated them. After being sentenced to death, she asked that her likeliness be painted for posterity first, adding, “To save your country means not noticing what it costs.” We can only assume that if she had a pair of sunglasses, they would’ve been slowly slid on at this point.

The Corday Jacket is many things: a technical softshell, a warm winter layer, an active-use tool, and a rather stylish piece if we do say so ourselves. At its core, however, it’s something more. More than an access pass to wild places, more than chic ruff-trimmed streetwear, more than a particular means to an end. It’s a statement: an embodiment of the intention to go absolutely anywhere, and stand for what you believe in.

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