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Will COVID-19 change anything for me at Beyond Clothing?

      • Online shopping will continue as normal during the social distancing phase of the COVID-19 response. Beyond is shifting to a more lean, agile on-site team during this time, and warranty repairs, servicing, returns, and exchanges will be subject to delays as a result. Our retail location, the Acropolis, will be temporarily closed. To learn more, click here.

When will a particular product be back in stock?

Use the contact form to submit a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

What gear do you recommend for my favorite outdoor activity?

Check out our System Builder Guide for info on building the perfect layering system for
wherever you’re going and whatever you’ll be doing.

What is the difference between your Axios and Kyros lines?

Axios™ is our flagship system, complete with all 8 layers. Every garment is Berry
Compliant, which means everything down to the thread and zippers is made in the USA.
Kyros™ is our new imported system, designed with the same experience gained from
outfitting professional expeditionary teams and fully compatible with all Axios layers. Both
the Axios line and Kyros line are completely interchangeable, allowing the user to craft a
full system by pulling pieces from either.

Do you warranty/repair your gear?

We offer repair service on a case-by-case basis. Please send a photo of your gear, the
damaged area, and your gear’s sewn-in “Beyond” tag to
and we will get in touch with our production team about getting it fixed up for you.

What do you recommend for cleaning my Beyond gear?

To keep your Beyond gear in its best condition, we recommend you hand wash or wash
on gentle cycle with cold water only. Let air dry. Refrain from exposing to any kind of heat
or fabric softener when cleaning.

Do you ship outside of the US?

Unfortunately we are unable to ship outside the US at this time.

When/where can I visit your store?

Come say hi anytime! Find us at 6363 6th Ave S Seattle, WA 98108. We are open to the
public Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM PST.

Do you offer a military/government/law enforcement discount?

Of course! To apply, simply email over some sort of credentials that link you to your work
(such as a message from your government/military email address, or a photo of your
business card) to Please also be sure you have
registered an account with us through our homepage.

I need to place a unit order. How do I go about that?

We have an entire team dedicated to answering this question! Please contact them at and they’ll hit you back with a quote in no time.

What’s next for Beyond?

We are very excited to roll out the rest of our Kyros line and introduce more products in
our expanding women’s line through 2020! Be sure you are subscribed to our email list
so you can be the first to know when all this newness drops..

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