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Fit: Standard
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Hands-On Adventuring

As rugged as your adventures and then some, the Guide Glove is built for durability, warmth, and capability. Lightweight PrimaLoft® insulation and wool-blend lining protect against cold, while pre-curved fingers with e-tips at the index and thumb retain dexterity and ease of access. Genuine French leather, knuckle guards, and suede nose wipes round out the repertoire of these adventure-ready gloves.

Composite Leather

Drum-dyed cowbelly leather palms provide lasting durability, tough protection, evenly absorb oils, and easily mold into the optimal shape. Conductive goat leather reinforces the thumb and index finger and enables touchscreen compatibility for both. Suede nose wipes make runny nose management hassle-free.



Built for Warmth

PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation with Cross Core™ Technology fuses time-tested PrimaLoft Gold with Aerogel, a longtime aeronautical technology of NASA scientists, to deliver exceptional thermal protection at a light weight. Wool-blend lining rounds out the warmth retention and adds next-to-skin comfort.

Performance Features

Breathable, adjustable cuffs ensure a just-right fit with action in mind. Carabiner loops add convenience to gear management. Knuckle guards enhance durability, and pre-curved fingers optimize grip, functionality, and comfort.

Which Glove is Right for Me?

It's important to choose your glove according to what you need from it. Each glove provides unique advantages, but with each you'll receive genuine French cowbelly leather shell, conductive goat leather reinforcement, and touchscreen compatibility.* (*Only the Trek's inner glove has leather, but both layers offer touchscreen compatibility.)


The most adaptable option, the Trek Glove System combines a light and dextrous inner work glove with a protective outer insulating layer.

  • Light and Nimble Inner Glove
  • PrimaLoft Gold® Eco Insulated Outer Shell (with Silicon Grip Palm)
  • Moisture-Drain Mesh Stow Bag Holds Entire Glove System


The Guide Lite is more lightweight, dextrous, and breathable than the Guide Glove. Ideal for a balance of protection and utility.

  • Breathable Softshell Backside
  • Lightweight, Articulated, Design
  • Brushed Tricot Lining


The Guide features heavier leather coverage and more powerful warmth retention than the Lite. Ideal for winter sports and expeditions.

  • PrimaLoft Gold® Eco Insulation Cross Core Technology
  • Suede Nose Wipe
  • Wool-Blend Lining


Technical Features

  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Weather resistant
  • Adjustable cuff
  • Suede nose wipe
  • Knuckle guard
  • Carabiner loops

Fit & Design Details

  • Conductive goat leather reinforces thumb and index finger, increasing durability and enabling touchscreen compatibility for the index fingertip
  • Drum-dyed leather allows oils to penetrate evenly and easily molds to your preferred shape
  • Pre-curved fingers optimize grip, functionality, and comfort
  • Under-the-cuff wearability seals out the elements


  • Genuine French Tanneries Nouvelle Pechdo cowbelly leather palm shell
  • 45% acrylic/22% polyester/19% wool/14% polyurethane liner
  • Neoprene adjustable wrist cuff
  • 1.8 oz. PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation with Cross Core™ Technology infused with Aerogel provides excellent warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Weight (Size L): 8.8 oz.
  • Imported


  • Insulation is crafted from 90% post-consumer recycled content

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great Glove

I ordered size large & fit was per the sizing guide. Well constructed glove. Make sure to get the bees wax sealant. Will have to wait until next winter for trial run.

Exceptional - durability leather and quality construction

The Guide glove is great - as good as any Black Diamond or Hestra gloves that I own. Break-in didn't take long, and after multiple treatments of the Bee Balm, these gloves have softened up to a wonderful texture. I generally prefer gauntlet-style cuffs, but this velcro neoprene cuff has grown on me. I have been primarily using these for skiing but have also used them for paragliding in cold weather. If I have any feedback it would be to make the carabiner loop on the finger just slightly bigger so that it can easily fit a full-sized carabiner - it would also be great if these came standard with a glove leash. But overall I am very happy with the performance of these excellent cold-weather gloves.


These are the warmest gloves I’ve ever owned.

Very warm gloves

Great gloves! My hands tend to get cold easily so I have a pretty high bar when it comes to warm gloves. These are easily the best insulated gloves I own, capable of keeping my hands warm down to some pretty low temperatures while still maintaining a reasonable level of dexterity.

So close to awesome, but not there compared to other high end gloves

I received these as a Christmas gift and wanted to get some time in them before writing a review - fortunately the New England weather has delivered many days in the single digits along with some mixed snow/sleet/rain as well. In short, this is a very-well made glove that will keep your hands as warm as many competing mittens. However, there are some issues with the design that have made them less usable for me than I had hoped compared to other high end gloves at this price point intended for mountaineering and elite operators that Beyond serves. Considering that and the cost - I give the gloves 3.5 stars for my use since I haven't been able to retire other pairs of gloves with these.

Pros: The gloves are extremely well made and warm. I don't think you'll find a better pair of leather or even artificial materials that will keep your hands this warm without having to trade off dexterity and movement. I spent many hours in both active and resting activities with these gloves while temps were in the single digits w/ wind chills at -20F. Although I had a thin wicking liner - I had no issues with warmth. I've applied ~3 coats of the bees wax as suggested and the gloves have further improved their supple feel while also shedding water very well. The glove insulation design also does a great job managing moisture if my hands sweat. Should have expected this from Beyond, but am always impressed at how well their products wick and keep you warm.

Cons: I've run into four items that I attribute to design issues (not mfg) that have prevented me from getting the mileage and use out of these gloves that I had hoped I would. 1) As mentioned by another reviewer, the cuff is very tight and the material choice is wearing. If you have a larger GPS watch, expect that the cuff will interfere with your watch and be an annoyance. Although I've tried keeping a loose cuff to accommodate my watch, the main "elastic" material is starting to pill from the velcro hooks and it's practically still not comfortable but you get used to it. 2) The finger loop to retain the gloves has not worked for me. It's tight and hard...esp in cold weather to clip in and out of it. I'm also seeing some wear on the leather at that point. Once they are clipped in the main opening of the glove is almost always pointing down when on my hip and exposed to the elements. If you're working on your hands and knees, I've found that they collect snow and debris. I'd much prefer a larger grommet on the cuff that is quick and easy to clip on/off. In my experience for how I carry my gloves, I've also noticed that my jacket skirt and protect the glove opening from the elements 3) I've noticed that the goat leather on the capacitive surfaces of the index finger and thumb in the glove are wearing quickly. I RARELY need that functionality in the weather these gloves are meant for and it still works on my phone, but the future is not bright for the goat leather on my glove after about a month of use. 4) The lack of a retaining cinch lanyard for my wrist is frustrating for me since I often need to don/doff my gloves when working in the cold. I find myself often dropping a glove to fix a carabiner gate, mess with a binding, or other activities where you just need a minute w/ your thin liner to do something small. The retaining lanyard is key for me since it keeps the glove on the wrist without me having to worry about losing my glove or having to occupy a hand to hold my gloves when working. This didn't impact my rating since it's clear that there wasn't a lanyard in the design, but I didn't realize myself how much I missed it and plan to attach my own grommet to the glove for a homemade paracord lanyard.

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Guide GloveSizing Information

US SizeEU SizeIn Measurement
s77" (17.8 cm)
m88" (20 cm)
l99" (23 cm)
xl1010" (25 cm)
Measurements in Inches

Measure in inches around your hand with tape measure across your palm.

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Fit Information

Standard True to Size | Active Layering

silhouette diagram
Product is Standard Fit, developed to accommodate up to two layers, for cross-environmental versatility

Expedition Oversized | Static Layering

silhouette diagram
Product is Expedition Fit, developed to accommodate up to four layers, for extensive use in extreme weather

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