How to Treat Rain Gear

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How to Treat Rain Gear

Wait, I can wash my GORE-TEX® jacket?

Yes, you sure can! GORE-TEX®, and other waterproof fabrics, can be carefully washed to preserve their resistance to wetness. But make sure you follow the directions below, and read the care information on your garment’s tag.

Why should I worry about treating my rain gear?

If you have a waterproof  garment, like GORE-TEX®, most likely it has been treated with DWR (Durable Water Repellent). Gradually, dirt clogs up the pores of your clothing, and the DWR finish declines in performance. To maintain its breathability, there has to be more moisture inside of your garment than in the outside air; otherwise, the moisture will not exit the inside of your clothes. But, if there is too much filth built up in the membrane, there will be nowhere for the moisture to escape, and it will pool on the inside causing you unpleasant clamminess. To ensure your waterproof items continue to ward off wetness, the following steps should be taken:

How do I wash my rain gear?

  • Always check the care tags first on your clothing for special wash instructions.
  • You will need to use a detergent created for outerwear, like Nikwax Tech Wash.  Other mild, powdered detergents can also work.
  • Wash in warm water, either by hand or in the washer on a gentle cycle.
  • You can air dry your garment or put it on a low-heat setting in the dryer, unless the tags on your clothing say otherwise.

DWR Treatment:

  • After washing your rain gear, use the Nikwax TX Spray. You can either spray it on directly or add it into a second washing of your product. Throwing your jacket into the dryer afterwards on medium to low heat will help activate the DWR coating.
  • You do not have to re-apply the DWR treatment after every wash as it should last through several.
  • Only wash your garment after extreme usage as frequent cleaning will affect the breathability and waterproof properties of the fabric over time.

Let the rainy adventures commence!

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