Going Beyond All Year Long

Going Beyond All Year Long

This year was a busy one here at BEYOND, full of new gear and ambitious goals. We couldn’t be happier to have had you with us for all of it, and we can’t wait to share more with you in 2021.

Global Responsibility

“The world’s wildest places are a privilege, not a right.”

The world’s wild places are more than a park, more than a simple place of recreation. They’re not manufactured or curated for us, but stand independently as the grand foundation of the Earth. The sheer scope and power they possess is why we work so hard to connect you with them and the unique physical, mental, and emotional benefits they offer. It’s also why it’s important to us that we give back: wild places are a privilege, not a right.

This year we were proud to roll out our Global Responsibility platform, beginning with our flagship initiative, the Pollinator Program™. Pollinators are the world’s unsung heroes, the secret glue binding the ecosystem together. Without them it all falls apart, which is why we’re championing honey bees and other pollinators.

Upgrading Our Manufacturing

Higher Ecological & Ethical Standards 

It’s important to us that we connect you with wild places in ways that support them, not undermine them. That’s why we pushed ourselves this year to advance how we craft our expedition-grade gear. New layers are built with textiles certified by bluesign® and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. Our new jackets the Modus Light Softshell K5, Dasche K3, and Anchor Light Belay K7 include technologies like renewable bamboo charcoal yarn and biodegradable, 100% post-consumer recycled insulation. And we’re combating the culture of disposable products with gear built to be everlasting.

New Expeditionary Gear

Expanding Your Ability to Connect With Wild Places

We’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of your access pass to wild places. This year included expansions to that pass that we’re very excited about. We continued to grow our line of women’s gear with the Veil Midweight K2 Pullover and Sojourn Ultralight K4 Jogger, delivering lightweight, versatile layers packed with performance-focused features. We debuted our brand-new, first-ever line of expedition gloves with the Guide Glove, Guide Lite Glove, and Trek™ Glove System. The world’s wild places have never been more accessible.

New & Improved Pro Program

Giving Back to Support Our Everyday Heroes

Giving back is important to us. In 2020 we expanded and improved access to our Pro Program, supporting a wider array of everyday heroes and making it easier than ever for them to participate. Active service members, Veterans, and their families, government employees, medical workers, law enforcement, and first responders can all receive discounted pricing of 20% as thanks for their tireless work. If there’s a hero in your life that you’d like to show your appreciation for, all you have to do is send them our way.

Stay Tuned!

2021 and Beyond

We can’t wait to share even more exciting new things to come in 2021, including new gear, new adventures, and so much more. Stay tuned, stay safe, and as always: happy adventuring.

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