A6 - Rain Jacket - Beyond Clothing USA
A6 - Rain Jacket - Beyond Clothing USA
A6 - Rain Jacket - Beyond Clothing USA
A6 - Rain Jacket - Beyond Clothing USA
A6 - Rain Jacket - Beyond Clothing USA
A6 - Rain Jacket - Beyond Clothing USA
A6 - Rain Jacket - Beyond Clothing USA
A6 - Rain Jacket - Beyond Clothing USA
A6 - Rain Jacket

A6 - Rain Jacket



Fit: Expedition
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The A6 Rain Jacket is a packable, fully waterproof shell designed for protection against wind and rain. This jacket is built with lightweight 3-layer Gore-Tex®, and sized to be worn over midlayers. Pack the A6 Rain Jacket for lightweight waterproof protection against the elements. Includes a helmet compatible hood with dual crown and face opening adjustments.


  • Hood sized to fit over helmet
  • Zippered bicep pockets
  • 2-way side vent zips for pass through and for easy layering over kit
  • Hook & loop wrist adjustments
  • Elastic waistband cinch
  • Seam sealed


  • Lightweight 3-Layer GORE-TEX® Waterproof Laminate


  • Breathable
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Packable
  • Berry Compliant

Weight: 16.8 oz.


Part No: A6-0129-C10

Made in the USA.
Berry Amendment Compliant.

If you are a government customer and this item is currently Out of Stock, please contact sales@beyondclothing.com for availability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Well-built and athletic fit

5'11, 195lbs, 32in waist, wearing size M. The sleeves have a very generous length, coming about halfway down my hands if untightened. The length of the jacket is just below the beltline; a strong positive if you have equipment on your belt you need to access, but potentially a drawback if you're looking for maximum rain coverage. Excellent venting options, as zippers run down the full length of both sides. This, too, allows you to access belt equipment if necessary. The jacket is sized for layering, and even on the larger side of medium I can easily fit a base layer and a mid layer underneath without feeling tight. I could maybe do an insulation layer, but it would be a squeeze. For expedition-style layering I would need a size L. The jacket is fairly tight to the hips overall, as there is elastic in the hem. Again with the zipper options (plus a snap on each side of the waist) you can loosen if necessary. The jacket uses military 3-layer goretex and seems to breathe as well as any hardshell jacket can. The hood is generous and has only the one adjustment option on the back.

Overall the jacket complements an athletic build and looks professional without looking tactical. I am very pleased.

Brett Curtis
The A6s completes my layering system!

Pretty excited to have a full layering system now and this jacket keeps me dry for sure. Currently I only use it for dog training in the rain but I'll really be putting the jacket through the works soon as I get out for the camping season! FWIW I love the A6s and A5s for dog training with all the pockets as well as the materials when it comes to working dogs jumping on me all the time..

For me the fit is perfect and finding nice clothes as a tall guy is really tough! I'm 6' 6" about 205-215 depending on the CrossFit vs. cookie intake. Everything I get from beyond is a large long.

No doubt it will last as well as some of my other layers that I've already brought through hell and back overt the past 4 years or so. When I buy from beyond I expect it to be the last item I buy and worth the investment.

Janet Vallery
Amazing jacket

Absolutely blown away by the quality of this jacket it keeps me warm and dry in extreme weather. This rain jacket from Beyond is far superior to anything else I’ve owned.

Gary Hnry
A-6 rain jacket

The quality/craftsmanship is excellent. Customer service is excellent. Been in the Cascades for 2 weeks now and the A-2/A-6 combo is superb for warmth and wind protection. Glad I purchased these items!!!!

David C
Flawless Performance

I purchased the A6 Rain Jacket to replace an old piece of gear for my Fall back-country hunt. Rain and snow were in the forecast for the trip and the weather delivered. The jacked kept me dry and shielded from wind while glassing for hours.

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A6 - Rain JacketSizing Information

Height 5' 8" - 6' 2"

Short: -2 Inches in Sleeve and Torso

Long: +2 Inches in Sleeve and Torso

Measurements in Inches

Chest Widest part of chest

Sleeve Center back of neck to shoulder seam to sleeve hem edge

silhouette diagram

Fit Information

Standard True to Size | Active Layering

silhouette diagram
Product is Standard Fit, developed to accommodate up to two layers, for cross-environmental versatility

Expedition Oversized | Static Layering

silhouette diagram
Product is Expedition Fit, developed to accommodate up to four layers, for extensive use in extreme weather

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