A5 - Rig Softshell Pant - Outlet

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A5 - Rig Softshell Pant - Outlet

A5 - Rig Softshell Pant - Outlet

Regular price $204.00 CAD
Regular price $636.00 CAD Sale price $204.00 CAD
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A5 - Rig Softshell Pant - Outlet
Regular price $204.00 CAD
Regular price $636.00 CAD Sale price $204.00 CAD
The A5 Rig Pant is designed for active use in cold weather. Fleece laminate next to the body wicks moisture away and traps heat while the durable 4-way stretch shell protects you from the wind and rain. Pair with the A5 Rig Jacket if you need comfort and durability for active use in cold climates.

Customer Reviews

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A5 Pants

Excellent cut. Roomy but not bulky. I wear size 30 waist on all pants, and the A5 is indeed sized perfect to fit over a base layer. I am a huge fan

Patrick M
A5 softshell pant, like jeans for cold

Wore these through a 10 day cold snap. Sub-zero to single digit high temps. Shoveling drive, snowblowing, and walking dog through snow drifts. Stayed dry and warm with an additional long john layer.

Fit same as jeans for me. Useful pockets. Can't speak to long term durability only owned a few weeks, but no loose threads or easily worn areas from pocket clipped knives/flashlights. Vote with your wallet and buy made in America when you can!


I like my boots covered, so I prefer the long. In 20 degree weather with no other layers. These pants did much better than I thought with the thinness of them. Enough room on the inside to add bulkier layers if needed.

Suren Sarkisyan

A5 - Rig Softshell Pant

Zeb Gensmer
Great for a range of conditions

These pants work great and feel comfortable. I wear them when the temperature high is under 45 degrees for the day and I plan on working outside. Can get slightly warm if inside with them on for extended periods of time but not overly so. The pants block the wind and rain well and feel really rugged. I’ve worn them for work and the range quite a bit this fall and they have performed very well.