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If you're looking for the very best cold protection we have, this is it. These truly expedition-grade layers are built to withstand temperatures as low as -70°F. Water-resistant insulation dries fast and retains warmth even while wet, ensuring you'll be back to dry in no time. Powerful micro ripstop shells deliver windproof and water-resistant protection.
Allta Polar K8 Parka Allta Polar K8 Parka
Rescue Red
Manatee Grey
Allta Polar K8 Parka
The Conqueror of Cold Crafted to take on some of the nastiest stuff that the polar scene can dish out,...
Allta Polar K8 Bib Allta Polar K8 Bib
Rescue Red
Manatee Grey
Allta Polar K8 Bib
Stomps All Over Cold The Allta Polar K8 Bib is built to trudge through some of the coldest, wettest, and...

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