Video: Transitions | Featuring the Allta Polar K8 Collection

Video: Transitions | Featuring the Allta Polar K8 Collection

The world’s wild places offer truly unique benefits, but first you have to go. That simple action of moving from the potential and transitioning to the actual is an adventure in and of itself. Because that transition is a commitment to the unknown, of what wild places decide to show you, give you, and ask of you.

Many of life’s finest lessons are waiting in wild places, and through our gear we’re proud to connect you with them. Few of our layers embody that goal as profoundly as our Allta Polar K8 Parka and Bib. This set of expeditionary armor is built to withstand the harshest cold on earth, but more than that it stands as an access pass and a mission statement: that you can truly go anywhere, truly experience anything, and truly go beyond your limitations to explore where few others have.

“I never thought I would be here, but here I am. Am I here to solve the mystery of my own exploration? After so many years of digesting stories, I find myself writing down my own. I realize that life is an expedition of my own transition. One that teaches me, shows me, and makes me appreciate the outdoors and what it can offer. The mountains show their true faces through each season. They allow us to experience its own culture. They inspire me to traverse its valleys and peaks. It’s my responsibility to avoid the cliches; cliches don’t honor the character of past friends nor the complexity of their lives. I continue this journey with open arms and an open mind. I never thought I would be here, but here I am.”

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