Train to Stay Positive – Establishing a Survival Mindset

Train to Stay Positive – Establishing a Survival Mindset

Train to Stay Positive – Establishing a Survival Mindset

Mindset is the most underrated element of survival preparedness. Anyone can practice starting fires and building shelters and creating smoke signals. What is harder to practice, and much more important in a true survival situation, is attitude.

When you are out in the wilderness with nothing but your wits and skills, the attitude you bring with you will determine whether or not you are able to get out alive.

You can know every trick in the book. If you are in a life-or-death situation and have a negative attitude, you might find yourself dead before you can use any of your long-practiced skills.

Keeping a good attitude when you are in a survival situation starts with attitude and being able to stay calm under pressure.

Don’t leave your fate up to chance.

One underrated way to develop the survivalist’s attitude: Travel

If travel has one truth, it’s this: shit is going to happen. If you truly travel to a place that is uncomfortably new, you will get lost, rely on your wits, and solve the problem.

What happens after everything goes wrong? Can you stay calm, assess the situation, and develop a strategy?

Short from stranding yourself in the wild, one of the best ways we’ve found to prepare for handling the unknown is to travel. Go far, get lost, and figure it out.

You will need to use your wits to find your way. Depending on how far you go, you’ll need to develop a system just to communicate. It will be uncomfortable.

Remember, this is about conditioning your mental attitude. This is about developing a sense of confidence that will carry you through the dark times and into the light of safety.

A lot of outdoorsman practice their survival skills in the wild forests where they feel at home. The skill practice is good, but it is in an environment of familiarity and comfort.

This is why travel is an excellent way to develop your attitude. It’s frustrating, it’s unfamiliar, and you need to navigate if you want to get home. While it is more fulfilling and safe than a true survival situation, it is a good way to get your mind thinking, “Stay calm. What is my goal, and what is my plan?”

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