The perfect lightweight backpacking cocktail - The Hot Toddy

The perfect lightweight backpacking cocktail - The Hot Toddy

Backpacking is all about keeping the weight down. However that shouldn't stop you from enjoying a nice hot whiskey drink at the end of a long day on the trail. 

When it comes time to finally kick the boots off and enjoy the view, there is no better way to warm up than with a hot toddy. Not only is a hot toddy delicious and comforting - the ingredients weigh almost nothing.

Here's our recipe for a lightweight hot toddy:


-3 Parts Hot Water

-1 (or 3) Parts Maker's Mark Whiskey

-Lemon Juice

-Lemon Wedge

-Pinch of Cinnamon

-One Cinnamon Stick


First, fire up your stove and bring about half a camping cup of water to a boil.

Add Whiskey... to taste, or desired effect.

Add a dash of cinnamon and squeeze in half a lemon

Mix everything up with a cinnamon stick and drop it in the mix when you're done.

Voila! You have a killer whiskey cocktail that will warm you right up and weighs almost nothing.

We'd love to hear what you guys are drinking in the mountains. Leave your recipes in the comments section to be featured on the blog!

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Brew some chamomile tea, add honey and a shot (or two) of your favorite whiskey. Perfect.


where do i get that drinking cup, not on website its great want one


DRAMBUIE, mixed the same as the Makers Mark is a good drink also

Terry Chester

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