Take Father’s Day Outside: 4 Kid-Friendly Adventures

Take Father’s Day Outside: 4 Kid-Friendly Adventures

There’s no better way to spend Father’s Day than with your kids. And coming as it does in late June, it’s also an excellent opportunity to get outside. Try one of these adventures with your kids this year and win all the dad points.

Explore a National Park

It’s hard to overstate what a privilege the National Park System is. Consisting of 423 sites across more than 84 million acres, the NPS is a vast, breathtaking resource when it comes to sharing nature with young minds. With hiking, snapping photos, identifying unique flora and fauna, taking tours, and so much more, it’s hard not to find a day’s worth of activities. Use the NPS website to find a park near you!


Plan a Critter Encounter

If a national park isn’t within easy distance or you’re just looking for something a little more modest in scale, track down a local kid-friendly animal experience. This can be as simple as a farm tour or as big as a full-on wildlife park. Within driving distance of BEYOND HQ, for instance, you’d be able to choose between the Outback Kangaroo Farm in Arlington or the Northwest Trek in Tacoma.


Grab a Fishing Pole

A classic father and child activity if ever there was one, fishing is a fine choice for a quiet Sunday out at the water. We recommend an inshore spot both for the smaller fish and to avoid choppy seawater. There’s a bit more to manage than in a hike or park visit, but the fun of that first successful cast—and if they’re lucky, that first catch too!—makes it all worthwhile.


Go Bouldering

Indoor rock climbing is one of those things that seems tailor-made for kids; just challenging enough, an outlet for all that energy, and a sense of accomplishment at the end. For those looking to try something new, look into outdoor bouldering. It’s just what it sounds like: climbing a small- to mid-sized rock. You’ll need crash pads to catch your climbers and you’ll want to research a spot for challenge level, but there’s nothing like conquering a climb in the sun for young adventurers. Fresh air, exploration, and problem solving all come together for a rewarding experience. Just be sure to avoid common first-timer mistakes.


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