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Our friends over at Matbock just dropped an awesome video showing the capability of their ultra-lightweight lift system.

“The LIFT System uses the Combat Carbon Poles as the backbone of this multipurpose operational tool. They can be paired with the S-LIFT to create a 3.5 lb Semi-Rigid Litter, paired with the R-LIFT to create a 6.5 lb Fully-Rigid Litter, paired with the LIFT Ladder to create a 7.5 ft, 4.975 lb rigid ladder, or paired with the LIFT Coupler to create 15 ft extension pole for any number of uses. The S-LIFT can primarily be used as an SSE/Casualty Collection Bag or unzipped to create a soft litter at only 10 oz.”

The mission and backcountry applications for this system are truly endless.  For more info, head over to: http://www.matbock.com/

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