Earth Day & Global Responsibility

Earth Day & Global Responsibility

There are many things that excite us here at BEYOND: new expedition technology, starting new adventures, breaking bread and sharing stories with fellow adventurers, building an in-house beehive at the Acropolis. But the heart of all this continues to be a deep respect for wild places. There just isn’t anything else like them, both for their own sake and for the experiences they impart. It’s why it’s so important that we don’t simply connect you to those places, but also work to preserve them. It’s why we’re proud to have a Global Responsibility platform, and why Earth Day holds special significance for us.

Earth Day is more than a symbolic calendar date, it’s an expression of intention. As the website itself memorably captures it, “Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.” While we have so very, very much more work to do in the pursuit of wilderness stewardship, it’s hard to overstate how little was broadly understood about pollution and conservation prior to Earth Day. Recycling was anything but a household name, leaded gasoline surged through inefficient motors, and many American cityscapes were known as much for their ever-present blankets of smog as they were their skyscrapers and local attractions. Earth Day became a rallying cry, a tool for uniting around a shared seriousness and taking a systematic approach to global problems. It helped prompt the creation of the EPA, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, and more.


Much of this holds unique resonance for BEYOND. How can we sing the praises of wild places and work to connect you with them if we’re not also working toward their health, preservation, and growth? We strive toward a reciprocal relationship with these most fascinating and humbling of places. It starts with personal accountability, pushing ourselves toward ever more sustainable production practices. It continues with initiative, actively working toward the welfare of nature’s most unsung heroes, the pollinators. And it succeeds when others answer our call, which can be as simple as planting the bee-friendly seed paper we include in your order. We invite you to join us in this journey of always learning more and working everyday to ensure that wild places flourish.

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