Makers L5 Pant

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Makers L5 Pant

Makers L5 Pant

Regular price $44.49 USD
Regular price $99.99 USD Sale price $44.49 USD
ColorRustic Green
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Makers L5 Pant
Regular price $44.49 USD
Regular price $99.99 USD Sale price $44.49 USD
Day-to-day wearability meets purpose-built power with the Makers L5 Pant. Comfortable enough to wear every day for the foreseeable future and tough enough to last that long. Flexible fabrics and articulated construction keep you mobile, and plentiful pockets provide ample storage.


Versatile ripstop NYCO fabric boasts the best of both worlds, combining the superior softness, breathability, and sweat-wicking performance of pima cotton with the rugged tear- and abrasion-resistant durability of CORDURA® nylon.


4-way stretch gusseted crotch and articulated knees keep you moving with ease from pants-on to pants-off. Adjustable two-button tabs enable swift n’ simple toggling between regular and tapered hems.


A large front thigh pocket and a utility loop at one of the hand pockets join the Makers classic jean-style pocket array, offering plenty of storage options. Mesh pocket bags ensure easy drainage and speedy drying.

Customer Reviews

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cale browning
Favorite Pant

These have become my favorite pants that I compare all others to. I now have four pairs. A great deal at the discounted rate but hope to see these stay on the roster.
PS. Please bring back woodland offerings :) I'd do questionable things for a beyond woodland shirt.

Please Don't Stop Making these

I have three pairs and a forth on the way. I love these pants and they are THE most durable outdoor paint i've ever owned that are also comfortable. I do wish they didn't have the pocket on the thigh but about 15 mins with a seam ripper and it's fixed. At the least please make another pant with this fabric because I've tried the L4 and they are just flimsy and not my jam.

Great pant, any wear any where

I can wear these pants to hikes, semi formal events, basically every day. would love to see velcro cuffs and zip back pockets
The NYCO fabric seems durable after 6 months but only time will tell, the crotch material(common break point) helps the pants flex and also seems more breathable as well as the knee stitching. Rear pockets are quite tight for me. The fabric blocks cutting wind well and the material will absorb sweat fast if it contacts your skin, drying quickly.
straight design works with everything and allows great movement unless you're some sort of gymnast
front exterior pocket is perfect for quick cellphone access without digging in your pocket esp. when seated/crunched, frees pockets up for knives front wallet and such.
Large button on the cuff seems excessive and it doesnt get tight enough, the button clacks on the floor if youre barefoot and sometimes gets caught on small vines. idk if velcro cuffs would have been better, but it works great on the mission pants as ive used them.
stitching has broken on me around the belt loops, thought i'm not sure what caused that

Jeff Y.
Alexander wept, for there were no more pants to wear.

The long version: I purchased a pair of Maker L5s on Outlet Sale while shopping for a jacket. "Oh? Pants for $45, you say? They've got my size, excellent. Well, I suppose I could use a new pair of pants," I said, haphazardly tossing a pair of green 36 Regulars into my digital cart without a second thought. Dear reader, never has such a frivolous decision so wonderfully impacted my life. These are, without a doubt, the best pair of pants I've ever bought in my life. Until these, I was a dedicated jeans man. Levi 541s, the athletic cut of perhaps the best known pants manufacturer this side of the globe, in three shades for different moods or the formality of my cause to cover my lower half. These, however, are far better. They are supremely comfortable for both going out and staying in, working out and lazing about. Light and breathable enough to wear in a New York summer, yet equally suited to the fall and even around the freezing days of December. "Perhaps I should buy a second pair, if perhaps a khaki color is more suited to something I am doing and yet I require a pair of pants that is flexible both literally and metaphorically." And so, dear reader, I ventured to this page only to discover that outlet sale meant, to my great pain, liquidation sale. I beg of you, Beyond Clothing, to reconsider your discontinuation of this supremely functional garment. If you do not yet own a pair of Maker L5 pants, heed my advice and get them immediately, lest you miss out. And if you do own a pair, join me in weeping at their loss - a world without them is a sad one indeed.

The short version: buy the pants, they are excellent. Super comfy, look great, and rugged.

Low Quality

First and foremost this product lacks durability. I’ve worn these less than 5 times, and a button and belt loop broke. To even further emphasize the lack of durability the few times that I did wear these were out to get groceries or walk my dog.

Besides durability the design is nothing special the materials don’t impress. The pants are stiff and plain. The only positive is the color.

Customer service is not good. I’ve sent multiple photos of damaged pants and was told that this was normal wear and tear. If your belt loops are tearing because the stiffness and quality of my belt it says something significant about your pants the button came off in the washer machine. Only lasted couple washes.

Overall lack of innovation lack of durability. I do not recommend.