ARX 2.0 L6 Rain Jacket

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ARX 2.0 L6 Rain Jacket

ARX 2.0 L6 Rain Jacket

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Regular price $298.00 USD Sale price $298.00 USD
ColorNavy Manatee Grey Rustic Green US 1928
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ARX 2.0 L6 Rain Jacket
Regular price $298.00 USD
Regular price $298.00 USD Sale price $298.00 USD

    Hard shells shield against relentless rain and wind. Fully taped waterproof seams.


    Waterproof hardshell and zippers combine with fully sealed seams to keep you dry.


    Abrasion- and tear-resistant ripstop construction protects you from scrapes and lasts through years of wear.


    The attached, adjustable, brimmed hood accommodates helmet use for comprehensive protection.

Seal yourself up with the Arx 2.0 L6 Rain Jacket when the clouds unleash their worst. Proprietary three-layer Lutra™ with CORDURA® nylon face fabric creates a waterproof, durable shell, keeping you protected from drenching downpours, scrapes, tears, and years of use. A helmet-compatible hood rounds out your defense, and waterproof zippered pockets ensure your personal effects are dry and safe. Complete your weather protection with the Arx 2.0 L6 Rain Pant.


Three-layer Lutra™ hardshell with waterproof seams and zippers thoroughly seals out the elements while retaining the breathability you need to perform on adventures. A durable water repellent (DWR) finish helps moisture bead up and roll off, assisting evaporation of sweat and preventing rain saturation.


Featuring abrasion- and tear-resistant ripstop and weighing in at just 140 grams per square meter (GSM), the Arx offers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Rugged CORDURA® nylon face fabric meets the elements with proven toughness, holding up through years of adventures.


The attached hood features a brimmed design and adjustable crown cinch for extended coverage and a just-right fit. Helmet compatibility ensures extensive protection for the toughest journeys.

Customer Reviews

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William Yager
Great for skiing!

I'm using this jacket as an outer-layer for skiing. Works perfectly! I'm 6'4" 200lb, and the medium long is perfect if I'm only wearing thin underlayers, with the large long for thick underlayers (e.g. a down jacket)

Stephen Green
Went to the snow and I didn't get wet

I used this for snowboarding and I did not get wet.
The pockets are also nice and deep. The baofeng with extended battery fit inside it.
It would be cool if there was some king of extended antenna trench so you could have a long whip go up your back or something.

Brogan Smith
Good with some minor flaws

This jacket really does live up to the marketing it has. It is actually waterproof in heavy rain and generally avoids getting saturated. Zippers are robust and the taped seams hold water out well. The durability is on par with other high quality jackets, waterproof or not, and retains its flexibility and breathability. The only 2 things I find to be slightly annoying are the hood and right bicep pocket as others have noted. The bicep pocket is not accessible with the right arm and is basically impossible to open or close with the left. Not a huge deal since 1. the breast pocket is perfect and 2. bicep pockets aren't really great anyway for storing things aside from maybe maps. The other shortcoming is the hood. The adjustability is easy and intuitive, but the problem is that because there is no structure the brim will cover your eyes unless you take a bit to pull it back into place. Irritating when you're trying to throw the hood on quickly. But because it's an easy fix and is a non-problem if you wear a hat, I don't find it to be a huge deal.

Buy with confidence and trust that it will keep you dry, but be aware of its flaws.

Jessy Fields
Needs work.

This coat is nice. But it needs work. The bicep pocket is stiff and useless. The zipper pulls all need to be more pliable and could stand to be smaller for pack ability. The hood needs a rigid flexible plastic instert.
The cuffs need lightweight dedicated rubber adjusters
Get rid of the heavy and overbuilt side zips and just add pit zips made with lighter weight more flexible rubber. Infact replace all zips with lighter weight more flexible rubber. And lastly drop the proprietary membrane all together and just make it GORE-TEX. Charge one to two hundred more and call it a day. Those changes- while many- would make this an industry leading jacket. Even with the price increase it would sell like hotcakes. You can also make all of those changes and use your proprietary membrane and you would still have a jacket that is extremely lightweight, packable, flexible, durable and more versatile. Also get rid of the damn elastic on the hem entirely. It’s completely useless.

Outstanding Rain Shell

This jacket turned out to be both completely waterproof as well as scratch resistant.
Very happy with its performance so far. Might have to grab a pair of the pants next.