A9-A - Advanced Mission Pant

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A9-A - Advanced Mission Pant

A9-A - Advanced Mission Pant

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Made in the USA.
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A9-A - Advanced Mission Pant
Regular price $349.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $349.00 USD
Advanced Mission Pant
The A9 Advanced Pant is Beyond‚ mission pant for high-speed use in variable weather conditions. The pant is built out of durable NYCO Ripstop and equipped with universal kneepad pockets, an adjustable waistband and front, thigh, back and hand pockets. The A9-A pant also features a reinforced 2-way stretch crotch gusset to prevent blowouts and reinforced pocket access. Wear the A9-A Pant for reliable durability in mixed weather conditions.

Customer Reviews

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BlacksmithOR Mick
Very great combat pant.

The A9 Advanced Mission pant is the best pant for mission.

Larping So Harrdddd

I look so good in these pants even Garand Thumb breaking a sweat when I hit the flat range ! Seriously though the fit is great and I really appreciate attention to detail on these combat pants.

Joshua Gilbert
*Torture Test*, Not Worth The Money

They lasted 19 days of constant wear in the field, but only 11 before the crotch ripped (where the stretch material meets the fabric). Weirdly enough, the inside seam by my boots is wearing quickly. Too tight on the legs, not everyone that has a 30 inch waist has small thighs. Range of motion was seriously lacking, they give you as much ROM as a regular pair of duty pants, but even duty pants last longer in the field then these. On the positive note, they are comfortable (other then the fact they ARE constricting around the thighs), back zip pockets are durable, waist adjuster is nice. Durable around the knees and other points of friction. They don’t “break in”, even after extended wear. They look cool.
However, the price is too steep for a pant that doesn’t hold up to the rigors of actual training, go with a more reputable brand. Perhaps Beyond should offer a warranty? OH! My friend also had these pants, and he had a crotch rip in the same location as I did. Poor design maybe?

*Pictures were taken before pants were washed*

Grant Cozart
Military use review- very high quality but needs improvement

First off I want to say that they are extremely high quality and I’m a loyal customer to beyond. I wore these on duty and in the field for a long time now. Extremely impressed with the quality and attention to detail these pants have in store. I’m especially fond of the two front pockets which make accessing my ID or phone an absolute breeze when wearing body armor. The traditional pockets are super deep and can hold extra m4 mags which makes the pants very nice for that purpose as well. I love the material on the knees when crouched or laying in the dirt for hours on end. Another thing I love about them is the stretch fabric itself, I work out on base in these pants and im never worried about the seems ripping. I feel extremely free and comfortable in these. Here is where the negative comes in, there is far too much fabric on these pants. When you draw them close to your skin using the hook and loop straps, the bottom part (shin and down) still balloons out. Being around heavy machinery, thorny bushes or barbed wire can make these pants snag. There is no reason for the amazing amount of material on these pants. This could be easily fixed by either adding another hook and loop strap around the shin area below the knee or just not having so much fabric on the pant itself, just by making them a slimmer cut. Never the less im still convinced these pants are worth it if you’re not a super slim guy like myself. Most of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive and I can absolutely see why. You probably won’t run into the issues I’ve had with these pants if I’m being honest. If your unit allows combat pants, then I would definitely consider them.

Lacking durability.

These are great pants other than the fact that every pair I have (about 4) all have holes and tears in the knee as the knee pads get inserted underneath the fabric of the pants. These pants would be flawless if the knee pad area was cut out similar to Crye’s combat pant lineup. Instead of direct contact to the knee pad, the contact when operating on one or both knees is to the outer fabric which tears instead of direct contact to the knee pads themselves. Hoping they will release a new model that has the knee exposed.