A6 - Rain Pant Multicam

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A6 - Rain Pant Multicam

A6 - Rain Pant Multicam

Regular price $124.99 USD
Regular price $649.00 USD Sale price $124.99 USD
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A6 - Rain Pant Multicam
Regular price $124.99 USD
Regular price $649.00 USD Sale price $124.99 USD
The A6 Rain Pant is a lightweight and highly packable GORE-TEX® pant designed for static protection against wind and rain. Sized to be worn over mid-layers, the A6 Rain Pant features 2-way side seam zippers that allow for pocket accessibility, ventilation, and easy layering while wearing boots. Pack the A6 Rain Pant for waterproof protection against the elements.

Customer Reviews

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David. T
Great goretex for an integrated system - no belt loops.

I have a long time relationship with Beyond products whether from their civilian sector or from their military-oriented sector of gear. In both situations, I believe Beyond exceeds with their product design and manufacture.
Generally these goretex options take heavily after the designs and qualities that came with the Protective Combat Uniform and later ECWS clothing systems meaning that they work in conjunction with other layers as would the original systems which I love dearly since it streamlines the process of understanding and using these types of products, though, as with both of the previously mentioned systems, there is one aspect that bugs me greatly about these layers; there are no belt loops.
Normally, this wouldn’t mean much since there is an internal elastic belt, but for those who cary belt-line equipment, this ends up creating quite a bit of frustration.
Other than the lack of belt loops, this is a great goretex option.

Brett Allphin
Extra piece of mind

Very well made, cant wait to go play in the rain now!!


A6 rain pant. This is the best rain wear I’ve used. 34 long is spot on for a 6’5” 230# dude.

Jon Lang
A6-Rain Pant Multicam

Superior construction and design. Extremely high satisfaction.

Steven Hoyt
Great pant

Great gear. This is company we enjoy supporting.