A5 - Brokk MS Pant - Beyond Clothing USA
A5 - Brokk MS Pant - Beyond Clothing USA
A5 - Brokk MS Pant - Beyond Clothing USA
A5 - Brokk MS Pant - Beyond Clothing USA
A5 - Brokk MS Pant - Beyond Clothing USA

A5 - Brokk MS Pant




This is a clearance item. All sales are final.


The A5 Brokk MS Pant is a lightweight Pant designed for active use in warmer weather. The durable 4-way stretch nylon shell protects you from the wind and rain, while remaining breathable for moisture transport. 2-way stretch Cordura® in the crotch gusset and pockets provide added strength. Wear the A5 Brokk MS Pant if you need lightweight durability for active use in warmer climates.


  • Hand Pockets
  • Zippered Thigh Pockets
  • Back Pockets
  • Left knife pocket
  • Articulated knees


  • Tweave® Durastretch® with DWR
  • 2-way stretch Cordura®


  • Breathable
  • Water Resistant
  • Wind Resistant
  • Stretch Mobility
  • Berry Compliant

Weight: 17.6 oz.


Part No: H4-0127-C00

Made in the USA.
Berry Amendment Compliant.

If you are a government customer and this item is currently Out of Stock, please contact sales@beyondclothing.com for availability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
The Best Pants

This is my second pair of A5 Brokk pants in three years. The other is still going strong, but for two pencil tip sized holes on the whole pants. The reason for the new pants was the awesome sale, and the high quality building and materials I experienced while using these pants. Something I noticed yesterday was the color differs slightly from my old Brokk pants but more importantly my rig light jacket. This is the one point of discontent, but cosmetic only; I need these pants to perform, of which they do! I have worn these pants and have not been punctured by jagged lava rock when falling and have been stabbed by branches that I thought would certainly penetrate( I was more worried about my pants than my leg👍🏽)!
These pants have GREAT STRETCH as well as reinforcement where it’s needed. It’s also comfortable enough to cruise in when not OUT THERE. Brokk pants can go anywhere and do anything, from my experience. Great job Beyond Clothing!

Theodore Leveque
Well Built Pants

Great fit. The pocket placements and volume of the pockets are perfect. Fabric looks to be durable. The fit runs true.

Cameron Hamilton
Amazing Pants!

Quite simply the best performance softshell pants you will ever own. Reinforced at specific locations of common wear. Uncompromising comfort and functionality.

CMD. Robert Blake
An awesome pair of subdued tactical pants, with some quirks.

The choice of a more durable material in the seat and thighs is a welcome change from most BDUs with self fabric throughout. The seats always wear shinny after a few seasons. I don’t expect to have any similar issues with these. The knife/mag/tool pockets are located a bit strangely. When I sit, my multitool and flashlight get jammed into my waist. If they were angled outward it might mitigate this. Another possible issue is the light bar tacking on the belt loops. Most of my other pants have a full bar tack the width of the belt loops and not just the edges. This helps when wearing riggers belts. The cargo pockets are very well integrated and disappear when not needed unlike a lot of BDUs that are always baggy and catch on things. I wear these 4 seasons with no issues. They are somewhat noticeable in summer temps, but that’s a trade off with full leg protection. Would fully recommend these to anyone looking for an awesome pair of Berry compliant trousers.

james moran
Great pants

Tough and comfortable!

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