Ventum Ultralight Cargo L4 Shorts

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Ventum Ultralight Cargo L4 Shorts

Ventum Ultralight Cargo L4 Shorts

Regular price $19.49 USD
Regular price $70.00 USD Sale price $19.49 USD
ColorRustic Green Manatee Grey Putty Black
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Ventum Ultralight Cargo L4 Shorts
Regular price $19.49 USD
Regular price $70.00 USD Sale price $19.49 USD
Light as a feather and crafted with storage in mind. The Ventum Ultralight Cargo L4 Short keeps you cool and moving with breathable, ultralightweight and stretchy construction that packs down in a jiffy, while deep zippered cargo pockets safeguard phones, wallets, small tools and more


Spandex-blend fabric with 4-way stretch combines with a gusseted crotch to keep you quick and nimble all day long.


Led by a pair of spacious and securely zippered cargo pockets, the six-pocket design provides safe, ample storage for valuables and more.


Ultralightweight construction and top-notch packability allow the entire short to be compactly stowed away when not in use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
These are awesome

Roomy, flexible, comfortable, and they have room to fit everything in the pockets without making it feel like your pockets are full of stuff. Excellent for every sort of weather condition....And they look good no matter what I'm doing. I love them.

Victor Green
Another Hit!

Wearing these for work and outdoor activity. Can’t tell you enough how great they fit. Breathable material as well

Great Shorts

I bought a pair of these for biking, hiking, fishing, and other summer activities. I am very satisfied with them. The zippered pockets prevent items from flying out when biking. When walking, items do not rub or bounce against my legs. The hand pockets are deep enough to fit larger phones comfortably. The material is fantastic, it has plenty of stretch and has been resistant to what I have put it through. The fleece band around the belt area prevents my hip bones from being rubbed raw when backpacking, and provides added comfort when doing other activities. This was my first purchase with Beyond, I am highly interest in trying more products from them.

Steve Young
Worth it, especially if on sale.

Very lightweight nylon cargo shorts. When I first got these, I didn't think I would like them, but after a week of use, they have proven to be as good of a VERY lightweight cargo short as I could imagine.


1) these are very lightweight, and Beyond has tried to fuse a standard set of zippered cargo pockets onto them. The downside of this is that the zippers usually require two hands to open. The material just isn't robust enough to pull open the zipper with one hand without the elasticity and lightness of the fabric stretching enough that the zipper doesn't want to move. That being said, I've experienced the same problem on the lightweight Arcteryx Gamma LT shorts and pants. This just seems to be inevitable with such a lightweight stretchy fabric.

2) the mesh fabric on the waist and back pockets make me think that putting keys or anything semi-sharp, or reaching into them with rough fingernails, will rip or deteriorate the mesh material fairly quickly. I've only had these for a week though, so maybe I'll be proven wrong.


These actually fit better, and are more functional than my Arcteryx Gamma LT shorts. The cargo pockets have interior cloth made of the same smooth nylon as the shorts themselves (as opposed to the cloth mesh of the waist/back pockets), so you can throw whatever objects in them and not worry about the cloth getting ripped.

I feel like these will hold up for a couple years of frequent use, and for $50 on sale, that's a great deal. Inspired to try out the Rig light shorts at ~$200 to see just how much better a Duraweave USA-made Beyond short could be.

Jeff E
Cargo shorts

Well made, comfortable, perfect fitting shorts