A1 - Power Wool Boxer Brief

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A1 - Power Wool Boxer Brief

A1 - Power Wool Boxer Brief

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Made in the USA.
Berry Amendment Compliant.

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A1 - Power Wool Boxer Brief
Regular price $34.50 USD
Regular price $34.50 USD Sale price $34.50 USD
A1 - Power Wool Boxer Brief
The A1 Power Wool Brief is a durable, breathable, moisture wicking baselayer built from Polartec® Power Wool™ which combines the benefits of Merino Wool and synthetic fibers. The Merino wool absorbs moisture, pulls it to the synthetic coating, and distributes it for fast evaporation. In addition, the Merino Wool is comfortable, odor resistant, durable, and retains heat when wet. The synthetic coating adds to that durability and prevents the wool from shrinking after being washed. Flat seam construction reduces bulk and irritation when layering. Wear the A1 Power Wool Brief as a next-to-skin layer for lightweight moisture management during active use.

Customer Reviews

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Seth R.

Really comfortable for being wool boxers. Everything fits pretty well and I'm excited to see how they hold up over time and in the field.

CMD. Robert Blake
Great fit and finish, decent materials choice

It’s strange how wrong most companies mess up their base layers. It makes the power wool line from Beyond shine all the brighter. Great fit and finish. Comfortable; band, stitching, and material. Would be nice if the wool content was higher and/or 100%. Still, this power wool is made to last. The longer fit is more like Bermuda-short length and better in winter and cool days than shorter boxer-brief styles. You can wear a pair for days before needing to wash ~something to think about when traveling or when reducing your laundry frequency.

Joshua Trost
Well made, all weather base layer

These are breathable but warm, stay warm when wet and windy, and are comfortable. Doesn't cause sweating or chafing either. It's a minimal base layer and it does it's job well. Will be buying long johns and shirts from this collection as well.

Theodore Leveque
Great comfort

I’ve several wool blend briefs and these by far are the most comfortable. The fabric is amazing. Thanks.

If I could only wear one pair of boxers forever these would be it!

These boxers are excellent if you're not able to access a spare pair for a few days, odor and funk are much slower to accumulate compared to pure synthetic or cotton. They don't itch or chafe like another wool blend I've tried in the past, while keeping temperature and moisture well regulated. Build quality seems good as well, I haven't had any loose threads or issues with the elastic band.